Video 21 Aug 5 notes

A new program design video series available to download from the products page of either the Bodytribe website or the Strength Rituals website. This is a sample.

Video 14 Aug 22 notes

Move. In many ways. For many reasons. 

New workshop with Dan John coming soon to Bodytribe.

Link 14 Mar 12 notes Mental Meat Heads 3: Austin, we're coming for ya.»
Video 2 Mar 43 notes

New episode of Strength Rituals. Vitally important. Move. In many ways. For many reasons.

Video 16 Dec 115 notes

Hey Texas! Bodytribe is coming your way. The Mental Meat Heads Symposium is coming to Austin.

Link 16 Dec 39 notes Austin! We're coming you're way!»

Texas folks… come embrace strength at the next Mental Meat Heads Symposium in Austin.

Link 30 Oct 49 notes The Holistic Athlete»

Be.You’re more verb than noun. The process, not the object. Be.

Video 22 Oct 17 notes

Bodytribe is coming to LA (well, Rancho Cucamonga, but close enough). A big 2-day strength fest, dropping all sorts of wisdom and movement bombs. Sign up before Oct. 25th!

Video 17 Sep 86 notes

Pushups. Be creative, be impressive, have flow and grace. Be strong.

Bodytribe Movelab: Pushups, part II (by Bodytribe)

Video 9 Sep 66 notes

Dumbbells, the forgotten strength tool.

Movelab: Dumbbells, part 1 (by Bodytribe)

Video 9 Sep 51 notes

Burpees. Do ‘em better. Anywhere. And in many ways.

Movelab: Burpees and Beyond! (by Bodytribe)

Video 3 Sep 53 notes

This Mental Meat Head traveling the country. The next big workshop is in Indiana. A 2-day strength and philosophy fest with Jason Brown and Myself. Check it out…

Link 30 Aug 3 notes Mental Meat Heads Workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana: September 21st and 22nd, 2013»
Video 28 Aug 59 notes

Burpees… popular now, but done pretty darn poorly. Do ‘em better.

Movelab: Burpees and Beyond! (by Bodytribe)

Video 22 Aug 52 notes

Deadlift better.

Deadlift Basics for Everyone (by Bodytribe)

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